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Kausar Banaspati Ghee

Cooking can be so much fun when you have the right ingredients. With perfect set of vitamins A, D and E, a wonderful aroma, and just the right desi-ghee-like taste, Kausar Banaspati ensures mouth-watering meals for you and your family. All this, and just a dash of love and devotion in your cooking, and you have the best cooked food in the world.

Kausar Banaspati is manufactured and packed with the same love and devotion which is evident in all the meals that are cooked in it.

Kausar Banaspati ensures the meals cooked in it have just the right taste, flavor and smell, both during cooking and while eating, to ensure this, world’s best edible flavors and fragrances made from halal dairy products are added to provide you the perfect desi-ghee-like taste, flavor and smell.

Kausar Banaspati is available in the following packing sizes:

  • 1 kg Pouch (5 kg, 12 kg & 16 kg Cartons)

  • 1/2 kg Pouch (12 kg & 16 kg Cartons)

  • 1/4 kg Pouch (12 kg & 16 kg Cartons)

  • 100 gm Pouch (6 kg Carton)

  • 2.5 kg Tin

  • 5 kg Tin

  • 10 kg Tin

  • 16 kg Tin

  • 2.5 kg Bucket

  • 5 kg Bucket

  • 10 kg Bucket

  • 16 kg BucketBanaspati Ghee All Packs Image


Kausar Canola Cooking Oil

Kausar Canola cooking Oil is manufactured and packed carefully under hygienically controlled conditions. Kausar Canola Cooking Oil is 100% Pure with 0% Cholesterol and the quality is evident in all meals prepared in it. We globally explore the finest quality canola seeds to prepare healthy canola cooking oils to give a golden crispy look and savory taste to your food. Our dedicated quality control engineers work round the clock to provide our customers with the best canola oil under strict vigilance to guarantee 100% quality and weight at every stage.

100% Pure Kausar Canola Cooking oil gives you a tastiest meal every time and just in case you haven’t tried it, you can be sure of an absolutely mouth-watering lip-smacking treat.

Kausar Canola Cooking Oil is available in the following packaging sizes:

  • 1 Lit. Pouch (5 Lit. Carton)

  • 2.5 Lit. Tin

  • 5 Lit. Tin

  • 16 Lit. Tin

  • 3 Lit. Bottle

  • 5 Lit. Bottle

  • 10 Lit. Jerry CanCanola Cooking Oil All Packs Image


Kausar Cooking Oil

We take pride in serving our valuable customers with an impeccable quality of cooking oil rich in vitamin E and low in cholesterol.

In order to manufacture the finest quality of Kausar Cooking Oil, we use our years of experience, to source the finest canola, sun-flower and soybean oils available locally & globally and blend them with the greatest skill to provide our customers with exceptional nutritional value and flavor in their food.

Cooking Oil All Packs ImageDue to the purity and quality of our oils, Kausar Cooking Oil provides maximum health benefits with its low-absorption trait, without compromising on flavor and nutritional value.

Kausar Cooking Oil is available in the following packing sizes:

  • 1 Lit. Pouch (12 Lit. Carton)

  • 16 Lit. Tin

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