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Akhtar Mubarik Referral Center

Serving the community for more than 20 years, Akhtar Mubarik Referral Center (AMRC) is an outreach program for the poor and the needy. Founded in 1992 by the founder of Kausar Group of Companies (late) Mr. Malik Mubarik Ali, AMRC has been providing free of charge medical services to deserving patients.

Working in collaboration with the Association of Fatima Jinnah Old Graduates (AFJOG), AMRC is now a fully functional central referral clinic for patients from all around the metropolitan city of Lahore, Pakistan.

In the initial years, starting with just six (6) clinics, today AMRC has more than thirty (30) clinics being run by fund raising efforts of the family and friends of (late) Mr. Malik Mubarik Ali, providing facilities such as x-rays, blood test laboratories, ultrasonography, electrocardiography, operation theatres and many more under the guidance of senior consultants, physicians & technicians.

A panel of consultants refers patients to the AMRC on daily basis from all the outreach clinics in the suburbs of the city along with the daily walk-in patients who are being treated at this facility. In addition to providing free basic health services, AMRC has now also started a literacy program to facilitate the children of the suburbs to provide them a better future, so they can earn a respectable livelihood for their families.

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