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Kausar Steamed Basmati Rice

Steamed basmati 1121 white rice helps boost your intake of Zinc and Manganese which supports health and immune system so that you can fend off infection. It helps building stronger bones and reduces stress levels & high blood pressure. Kausar Steamed Rice is well sorted and non-sticky from which bran has been removed by milling, sorting, grading and polishing

  • Aged to Finesse

  • Extra-Long Grain

  • Pink Packaging

Available Pack Sizes
1 KG PET-PE Standup Pouch with Zipper
5 KG PET-PE Standup Pouch with Zipper & Plastic Handle
10 KG Metalized BOPP with D-Punch Handle
20 KG Metalized BOPP
25 KG Metalized BOPP
40 KG N/A
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