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Banaspati Ghee

Cooking can be so much fun when you have the right ingredients. With a perfect set of vitamins A, D and E, a wonderful aroma, and just the right desi-ghee-like taste, Kausar Banaspati ensures the best mouthwatering meals for you and your family. All this, and just a dash of love and devotion in your cooking, and you can have the best-cooked food in the world. 

Kausar Banaspati is manufactured and packed with the same love and devotion, which is evident in all the meals that are cooked in it.

Kausar Banaspati ensures that the meals cooked in it have just the right taste, flavor and smell, both during cooking and eating. To ensure this, world’s best edible flavors and fragrances made from Halal dairy products are added to Kausar Banaspati to provide you the perfect desi-ghee-like taste, flavor and smell.


Banaspati Special 1-kgx5 Carton

1kgx5 Banaspati Carton
Banaspati Special 5-kg Tin

5kg Tin
Banaspati Special 2.5-kg Tin

2.5kg Tin
Banaspati Special 16-kg Bucket

16kg Bucket
Banaspati Special 10-kg Bucket

10kg Bucket
Banaspati Special 5-kg Bucket

5kg Bucket
Banaspati Special 2.5-kg Bucket

2.5kg Bucket
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