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Maize (Yellow Corn)

An edible grain, Yellow Corn is one of the most important grains after wheat and rice. In Pakistan two successful crops in a year are cultivated and harvested in favourable environmental conditions, in spring and autumn seasons.

Strategically located in the heart of the Corn district of Pakistan (Okara), we have ample stocking capacity to store the Corn grains in our fully-aerated, temperature-controlled, galvanised steel silos imported from BROCK USA with a total capacity of 24340 MT.

With two separate grain-cleaning facilities having a total capacity of 150 MT per hour, Kausar Feeds is a prominent purchaser of high-quality grains, and a leading exporter of premium quality Yellow Corn.

Extensively used as a food ingredient for human consumption and feeds ingredient in animal feeds, Yellow Corn is also used in the industrial production of bio-fuels.

We offer Yellow Corn as per following specifications:

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