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Namal College, Mianwali - Student Scholarship Fund

Higher education has the most profound impact on individual success. It is a gift that turns students into professionals, and youngsters into income earning citizens. At Namal College, higher education is literally a gift as 90% of the undergraduates of Namal are provided financial assistance.

Namal College was founded by Mr. Imran Khan in 2008. It is the first rural institute of higher education in the country offering international degrees to students from less privileged backgrounds. Namal is an oasis of education for 300 students who come from 56 districts of Pakistan. First three batches of Namal College have already graduated and over 85% of them have been employed by some of the most prestigious organizations. Currently the college offers degrees in Computer Science as well as in Electronics & Electrical Engineering. As an associate college of the University of Bradford, UK these are the same degrees as offered by the foreign university.

According to UNESCO’s publication “Higher Education in Asia”, only 10 percent of Pakistanis were admitted in higher education as of 2011. Namal College is playing a crucial role in improving this figure through the help of our donors. To help serve non-affording students, the college has set-up a Scholarship Fund. In 2013 Kausar Group of Companies joined hands with Namal College to support this fund. Since then, Kausar Group has continued to support this college with the aim to uplift the rural communities across Pakistan. Kausar has also been closely involved in advising the college in matters of program delivery as well as through actively sponsoring fundraising events. Kausar will continue to play its role in supporting Namal College for a bigger, brighter future for the youth of Pakistan.

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